AM Backs New Campaign to Help People in Controlling Relationships

A new campaign raising awareness of coercive control as abusive behaviour has been launched across Wales.

Local Assembly Member, Lesley Griffiths has backed the Welsh Government’s powerful campaign “This is Not Love. This is Control” to help people identify controlling behaviour in relationships.

Coercive control is when a person with whom you are personally connected with, repeatedly behaves in a way which makes you feel controlled, dependent, isolated, humiliated or scared.

An estimated 2 million adults in England and Wales experienced domestic abuse last year – 65% women and 35% men.

Lesley Griffiths AM said: “Controlling behaviour is a form of abuse yet it can be subtle, making it difficult to identify as wrong or abusive.  Those experiencing it are often left feeling belittled and isolated.”

“Coercive control is a criminal offence and I am pleased the Welsh Government is committed to raising awareness of this abhorrent behaviour.”

If you, a family member or a friend, are in a controlling relationship, you can contact the Live Fear Free Helpline for 24 hour free advice and support on 0808 8010 800.