Campaign Encourages People in Wales to Have a Conversation About Mental Health

Wrexham’s Assembly Member is backing a nationwide campaign aimed at reducing the stigma and discrimination around mental health.

Time to Talk Day is on 7th February and Lesley Griffiths AM is keen to raise awareness of the Time to Change Wales campaign and to encourage residents to have a conversation about mental health.

Mental health issues are common, with one in four people being affected at any one time.  However, many people still feel afraid to talk about mental health, with some individuals feeling ashamed or isolated.

Whether it’s by picking up the telephone or calling round for a cup of tea, this year’s campaign is about bringing people together to share their experiences and to help end the stigma that is still associated with mental health.

Time to Change Wales is also launching a new campaign on 21 February aimed at men to raise awareness of mental health.  The campaign, called Talking is a Lifetime, aims to encourage men to open up about their mental health problems, without concerns of feeling judged or embarrassed.  It emphasises to men that talking about your mental health is one of the bravest things they might ever do.

Lesley Griffiths AM said: “No individual experiencing mental health issues should ever feel like they are alone and its important people recognise a person’s mental health is just as important as their physical health.  Encouraging people to talk about mental health more openly and freely will help challenge the negative attitudes and can be the first step towards recovery.”

“In my role as Wrexham’s Assembly Member, I have witnessed some of the excellent support local organisations such as Advance Brighter Futures and Hafal can offer, as well as the Welsh Government-backed C.A.L.L. helpline.”

“I hope the Time to Talk campaign will help change thousands of people’s lives for the better.”