Local Community Projects Receive Welsh Government Funding Boost

Two Wrexham-based projects have received substantial Welsh Labour Government funding to help improve community facilities.

Caia Park Partnership and Wrexham Warehouse Project have benefited from the Community Facilities programme, which supports disadvantaged areas across Wales.

Local Assembly Member, Lesley Griffiths, is a proud supporter of both groups and said: “Caia Park Partnership and Wrexham Warehouse Project are two excellent local organisations and I am delighted they have benefited from significant Welsh Labour Government funding.”

“I am sure the capital will make a big difference and have a positive effect on the local communities.”

Caia Park Partnership, a community-led social enterprise which runs a range of vital services on the estate, has received over £390,000.  The Wrexham Warehouse Project is based on the Industrial Estate and offers a variety of training courses to young people.  It has been granted £200,000.

The programme provides capital grants of up to £500,000 to develop and improve facilities for communities, tackling the effects of poverty in the process.

Overall, £3.7m has been earmarked by the Welsh Labour Government aimed at supporting 13 projects across Wales.