MS and charity helping schools in Wrexham promote active travel

The local Member of the Senedd is backing a charity aiming to get pupils and parents in Wrexham more active on their journey to school.

Sustrans Cymru has launched its Active Journeys Programme and Lesley Griffiths MS is keen to raise awareness and encourage schools in the town to take part.

Funded by the Welsh Government, Sustrans Cymru works with schools to make it easier for pupils, parents and staff to travel safely to school by foot, bike or scooter.

The charity works with schools and local authorities to help improve active travel routes within communities.  It also offers a range of activities helping raise awareness and build up confidence and skills needed for children and adults to form new active travel habits.

Any school interested in making these lasting improvements can now apply to be part of Sustrans Cymru’s Active Travel Journeys Programme.  Participation is free and schools that sign up will receive support from a regional Active Journeys Officer, as well as other additional benefits.

Primary and secondary schools can apply, but the charity is encouraging clusters of schools to apply together in order to create a larger, more positive impact within local communities.

Wrexham MS Lesley Griffiths said: “Promoting active travel is a priority for the Welsh Government. Not only is it important in the fight against climate change and reducing air pollution, it’s also great for our physical health and wellbeing.

“If there are any schools in Wrexham interested in making it easier for children and their families to walk or cycle to school, ultimately helping ensure their environment a healthier, happier place, I would encourage them to apply to Sustrans Cymru’s programme.”

If you, or a school would like any more information on the Active Journeys Programme, please get in touch with Sustrans Cymru on 02920 650602 or email: [email protected]