New focus ensuring people have right to live independently

A new framework for disabled people to help remove barriers they experience in their everyday lives has been launched by the Welsh Government.

The ‘Action on Disability: The Right to Independent Living’ framework has been created following extensive engagement with disabled people and the organisations who represent them.

It aims to not only remove physical obstacles but also the challenges created by organisations and people’s attitudes.

Wrexham’s Assembly Member, Lesley Griffiths has welcomed the move and said: “Whether its encountering difficulties when accessing public transport or being discriminated against in the workplace, there are a number of barriers that negatively affect disabled people in their everyday lives.”

“This move by the Welsh Labour Government is all about demonstrating leadership and removing those barriers.  Encouraging public bodies, employers and organisations to take responsibility will create a more equal Wales for all, helping disabled people fulfil their potential and achieve their ambitions.”

Focusing on the work being carried out across the country, the framework sets out the principles, legal context and commitments which will underpin all of the Government’s work with, and for, disabled people.

The framework’s main aims are to:

  • Improve access to help, advice and services for disabled people in Wales
  • Promote equality of opportunity
  • Enable disabled people to more easily and readily access resources and mainstream services
  • Focus on the key issues identified by disabled people and set out what the Welsh Government can do to remove the barriers they face.