New fund launched to give unpaid carers a well-earned break

A new £3 million fund is to be set up by the Welsh Labour Government aimed at providing respite and short breaks to unpaid carers.

Wrexham’s Member of the Senedd, Lesley Griffiths has welcomed the funding for our ‘unsung heroes’, highlighting how their continued sacrifice and support has been invaluable during the coronavirus pandemic.

It is estimated around 12% of people in Wales have caring responsibilities, with many not receiving any support.

Unpaid carers have spoken of difficulties accessing timely and appropriate respite and breaks to help them manage their own health and wellbeing.  Respite can come in all forms so this £3m fund will address the issues by providing flexible support, ranging from face-to-face support to short breaks.

Lesley Griffiths MS said: “Unpaid carers our vital to our communities.  They are the unsung heroes who play an integral role in Wales’ health and care system, and their sacrifice and dedication has been particularly important during this challenging period.”

“I will work to ensure Wrexham’s unpaid carers benefit from the new funding.  Respite services can be a lifeline and I hope this new flexible scheme will offer our carers the support they deserve.”

The fund will be split into two phases – local authorities will be allocated £1.75m in the first phase to meet an anticipated surge in demand for respite services.  In the second phase, £1.25m will fund a new Wales-wide short breaks fund.