Plans to Reform Business Rates Appeals System

Ratepayers are being asked to put their views forward on how the system for non-domestic rates appeals in Wales could be reformed.

A consultation has been launched aimed at improving and modernising the long-established system, ultimately aiming to ensure the arrangement is fair and works as well as it can.

More commonly known as business rates, all non-domestic rates revenue raised in Wales is redistributed to local government and policing bodies.  It helps raise up to £1 billion to help pay for the services – such as education, social care, waste management, housing and transport – on which we all rely.

The consultation sets out how the appeals system could better reflect changing circumstances and make the best use of current technology.

Assembly Member for Wrexham, Lesley Griffiths said: “Non-domestic rates have been a prominent issue in Wrexham this year, with some local ratepayers contacting me for advice and support after the Valuation Office Agency’s latest revaluation came into effect in April.”

“Each ratepayer has the right to appeal their rates valuation if they believe it to be incorrect but the system responsible for handling appeals can be improved and modernised.  Uncertainty must be avoided – ratepayers should pay the right amount and if this is not the case, the situation should be rectified as soon as possible.”

“Having already undertaken studies into providing permeant relief schemes, the Welsh Government’s latest move is all about making the entire system as fair and transparent as possible to the benefit of government, ratepayers and residents.”

The consultation can be found here