Support for young carers’ ID cards revealed by Welsh Government

Wrexham’s Assembly Member, Lesley Griffiths has welcomed plans to help support young people across Wales who look after someone in their family who is ill, disabled or misuses drugs or alcohol.

To coincide with Young Carers Awareness Day last week (30 January), the Welsh Labour Government outlined proposals to introduce young carers’ ID cards in Wales.

It is hoped the cards will help clarify a young person’s status as a carer and raise awareness in communities of the caring role many young people undertake.

Work surrounding the introduction of young carers’ ID cards has been ongoing, with Welsh Government funding instigating valuable initial research carried out by Carers Trust Wales.

The Welsh Government hopes to develop a national scheme in collaboration with local authorities but recognises a phased approach is needed to ensure the systems and processes required are in place.

Lesley Griffiths AM said: “Wales has the highest proportion of young carers in the UK and research suggests the role they perform so admirably can affect their education, physical health, as well as their freedom to join in with social activities.”

“Young Carers Awareness Day offers the chance to celebrate carers’ unwavering dedication and the positive contributions they make to society.  I am pleased the Welsh Labour Government is working to ensure young carers live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives.”