Wrexham organisation ready to hit the road again after receiving Welsh Government support

A community transport charity forced to cease operation during the coronavirus pandemic has relaunched after receiving grant support from the Welsh Government.

Chariotts secured £17,000 via the Welsh Government’s Voluntary Services Emergency Fund which has enabled the organisation to adapt its vehicles to ensure they observe Covid-19 guidelines.

Wrexham’s Member of the Senedd, Lesley Griffiths is a keen supporter of Chariotts and visited the organisation’s headquarters to see the modified vehicles.

Chariotts is a charitable organisation that has helped transport disabled people and those with sensory impairments in Wrexham for over 20 years.  Many clients have mobility issues which make it extremely difficult for them to rely on public transport.

The Welsh Government funding has been used to convert five of their 9 vehicles so they are better prepared to deal with coronavirus regulations.  Each adaptation cost £900 and will help ensure the safety of passengers and drivers.

The funding has also supported the charity through this challenging transitional period, helping cover the cost of overheads such as car insurance, petrol and electricity bills.

Before the pandemic, Chariotts regularly supported around 1,000 clients in the area, providing a vital lifeline to people who otherwise would struggle to leave the house.

The organisation is currently undertaking between 70 and 80 jobs a month.  Pre-Covid, Chariotts would have been reaching that figure in a single day.

Lesley Griffiths MS said: “In the current climate, safety is the most important factor for people.

“Many regular clients have been indoors throughout lockdown and Chariotts has recognised the importance of inspiring confidence and ensuring people are protected when they venture out into the town.

“Chariotts play such a valuable role in the community and I was very pleased to hear how Welsh Government support has helped the organisation survive and adapt during the peak of the pandemic.

“Having seen the newly modified vehicles for myself, I’m sure they will provide passengers and drivers with the reassurance they need.”

Unfortunately, current regulations and social distancing guidelines means Chariotts cannot take wheelchair users at present.  The charity are awaiting further guidance as to when this service can start operating once again.

For more information about Chariotts, contact Co-ordinator George Greenshields on 01978 312888.