Additional Funding for Welsh Public Services

Councils and the NHS in Wales will receive an extra £160m over the next two years to support key frontline public services.
The announcement is part of the Welsh Government’s final Budget for the upcoming financial year.
Via the Barnett formula, the Welsh Government has been able to adapt new revenue allocations due to consequential funding from the UK Autumn Budget.
Over the next two years, the Welsh Government has allocated an additional £100m for health services and an extra £60m for local government, with £20m outlined in 2018-19 and £40m in 2019-20.
During this coming financial year, a further £18m will be spent on education, £10m to target youth homelessness and £8m for economy and transport projects.
The Welsh Government will also create an EU transition fund to help businesses and other public sector organisations plan and prepare for Brexit.
Wrexham’s Assembly Member, Lesley Griffiths AM, has welcomed the additional investment and has written to Wrexham Council’s Leader. She said: “Continued cuts to the Welsh Budget by the UK Government have had a detrimental effect on public services across the country so this extra support is much-needed and will be well-received.”
“I particularly welcome the additional funding for local government as certain proposed cuts outlined by Wrexham Council concerned a great number of my constituents. As well as making representations on their behalf to Wrexham Council, I met with Alun Davies AM, Cabinet Secretary for Local Government & Public Services last month to put forward the case for additional funding.”
“Locally, proposed cuts to music services and park provision caused particular concern but this extra investment provides the ideal opportunity for Wrexham Council to reassess their proposals and focus on delivering the best possible services for local residents.”