AM Urges Landlords and Agents to Avoid Prosecution

Assembly Member for Wrexham, Lesley Griffiths, is urging local landlords and agents to ensure they’re registered or licensed following a change to the law.

The warning comes after two recent convictions resulted in landlords being fined thousands of pounds for non-compliance with Rent Smart Wales. With enforcement powers now active, those still refusing to comply are being warned they run the risk of a criminal conviction if they do not contact Rent Smart Wales as a matter of urgency and take immediate steps to operate legally.

Under the Housing Act (Wales) 2014, all landlords must be registered whilst self-managing landlords and agents must undertake training in order to gain a licence.

The Rent Smart Wales website offers a ‘check register’ service which allows tenants and the wider public to check if landlords and agents are breaking the law. Latest figures show over 6,500 properties in Wrexham have successfully completed the registration process.

Lesley Griffiths AM commented: “The overriding aim of this Welsh Government legislation is to raise standards in the private rented sector, ultimately benefiting landlords, agents and tenants in Wrexham and across Wales.”

“Fixed penalty notices are being issues to unregistered or unlicensed landlords or agents so I would encourage those affected to contact Rent Smart Wales as soon as possible.”