New Law Designed to Make Renting Home Simpler and Fairer

New Welsh Labour Government regulations banning certain fees from being charged in the private rented sector will make things simpler and fairer for tenants.

The Renting Homes Bill will ensure tenants are no longer charged for viewing properties, receiving an inventory, signing a contract or renewing a tenancy.  Tenants will no longer face significant upfront fees when they start renting and in most instances, they will only need to pay their monthly rent and a security deposit.

Under the new rules, letting agents and landlords will only be able to charge fees relating to rent, security deposits or when a tenant breaches their contract.  Offenders caught breaching the new rules could face a fine and possibly the loss of their landlord licence.

It will also include powers to limit the level of security deposits and create a clear, simple and robust enforcement regime for when offences occur.

Wrexham’s Assembly Member, Lesley Griffiths has welcomed the latest move by the Welsh Government and said: “With more and more people renting their homes in Wales, the Welsh Labour Government is continuing to raise standards in the sector.”

“These measures help simplify the renting process, making it fairer, more accessible and affordable to people across Wales, particularly for those on low incomes.”