Welsh Government extends testing to all care homes

Coronavirus testing will be extended to all care homes residents and staff in Wales.

The Welsh Government has made the announcement following the latest scientific evidence and Wrexham’s Member of the Senedd, Lesley Griffiths, has welcomed the move.

Previously all residents and staff in care homes with confirmed case of coronavirus were tested but from this week, every care homes in Wales will have access to testing.

Care homes who have not reported an outbreak or any cases of coronavirus will be able to use an online portal to order testing kits for all their residents and staff.

Lesley Griffiths MS said: “As more is discovered about coronavirus, the data and scientific advice will evolve and change.  Its why its important people keep an eye on the latest Welsh Government updates as policies will be adapted as new information emerges.”

“The Welsh Government’s overriding aim is, of course, to protect the people of Wales.  I hope this move will help provide further comfort and reassurance to those living and working in care homes, as well as their families.”

The new policy will be in an addition to the existing testing arrangements that test:

  • all residents and staff of care homes with ongoing cases prior to May
  • all residents and staff members of care homes reporting an outbreak
  • all residents and staff in the larger care homes, with more than 50 beds.
  • all individuals being discharged from hospital to live in care homes regardless of whether or not they were admitted to hospital with COVID-19.
  • all people who are being transferred between care homes and for new admissions from the community.