Welsh Government Makes Inclusive Education a Reality

The Welsh Labour Government is leading the way in promoting inclusivity and diversity in our schools by making Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSA) a statutory part of Wales’ new curriculum.

Thirty years since the outdated Section 28 was introduced into schools across the UK, the Welsh Government has announced that LGBT+ inclusive relationship and sexuality education will be taught in schools.

Following a review by an expert panel, it’s believed the change will help challenge stereotypes, tackle ignorance and ensure young people have the knowledge to maintain healthy, happy relationships.

Wrexham’s Assembly Member, Lesley Griffiths, has welcomed the landmark move and said: “This radical overhaul of sex education in Wales is a major step forward.  Times have changed and I am pleased the Welsh Labour Government is leading the way in promoting inclusivity and diversity in our schools.”

“Primary and secondary schools will now have a statutory duty to cover the appropriate issues as this move aims to ensure that what is taught in classrooms is relevant to pupils’ real-life experiences.”

In what is seen as a major departure from the traditional approach, RSE will places an emphasis on forming and maintaining healthy, happy and fulfilling relationships. At present it is down to schools to decide their approach to the subject and this sometimes doesn’t stretch beyond the biological aspects of human relationships.

Learners will also be given a much broader understanding of sexuality that is fully inclusive of LGBTQI+ learners and includes wider issues such as consent, domestic abuse and respecting diversity.

When Wales’ new curriculum is in place in 2022, RSE will become statutory from the age of 5 to 16, but learners will not be taught about topics for which they are not developmentally ready.